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Take control of your health & manifest more

I posted this very unflattering, raw and real photo of myself on Instagram the other day with a very long, heartfelt and touching caption to follow. Never in a million years did I think it would get the response it did.

You see all my life I was a very top heavy girl. I was a C cup when I was in middle school and by high school I was a D cup. After I had my son, I went up to a DD but my girls were sad, droopy and pitiful. So, I went to a doctor about a lift. He suggested that in order to achieve a desirable result, I needed to add a small implant with the lift. Of course I followed the doctors advice.

What I did not expect was for my health to begin deteriorating. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and PCOS which I have found that both of these diseases have similar symptoms to breast implant illness. I decided after watching multiple women online come forward about their journey with removing their implants, that I too wanted to be free of the toxic bags in my body. What I did not expect was both the emotional roller coaster I would be on anddddd the boost in taking back my power and stepping into a bigger and better version of me.

The day after my surgery looking in the mirror brought me to tears. Tears because I felt my body looked mutilated. Tears because I just didn't feel sexy anymore. (I'm happy to report that after much reflecting, journaling and healing, I no longer feel this way). For days after my surgery I kept having dreams about my business and my success. Dreams that were confirming to me that this surgery was a necessary piece and step to my current goals (I say this because your goals should always change and grow as you grow).

Our bodies allow us to connect to our higher self and receive the guidance needed to live an abundant and fulfilled life, so why do we mistreat it? When we do things like this we are only blocking our ability to manifest everything that we desire. It is not a coincidence that my body and mind are now operating at a higher level and I've already manifested more abundance into my life. Allowing my body to be free of those chemicals and heal has awakened a much bigger desire in my heart now. I'm ready to share more openly so that you can also step into your joy, peace and abundance that is waiting for you. Are you ready?

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