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what is manifestation?

It seems like there is a new buzzword going around and it's called manifesting. You hear others talking about how they manifested more money, a car, trips, a soulmate. You name it and people have manifested it, but what exactly is it and how can you get a piece of the action everyone is claiming has changed their life?

The word manifest by definition means to "make evident by the senses especially the sense of sight". Which means it is real and can be proven.

Whether or not you have watched the documentary The Secret, I'm certain that you have heard of the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a belief that if you focus on something to the point of subconsciously believing it is real, that thought will become your reality. It's pretty amazing if you ask me!

Have you ever thought about someone and then you get a call or text from them randomly? That is the law of attraction. You manifested communication with that person just by thinking about them. How many other "coincidences" like this can you think of? By the way, there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

The power of the mind is fascinating. Your brain does not know the difference between reality and thought. Therefore, when you want to "manifest" something, it is ideal to vividly imagine how you would feel if you had that thing you want. You want to imagine the details as if you were there experiencing exactly what you want. For example, when I was manifesting my first home, I was 20 years old and truly did not believe I had the means to purchase a home in the near future. This did not stop my husband and I from visiting open houses every weekend to imagine that was our home. We would walk in and act as if we had the money to purchase that home and discuss how to place furniture to our liking and how we would decorate it. Within six months, when I was 21, we not only were able to purchase a home but we purchased a brand new home.

In order to manifest, you have to let go and release the "how". It is not your job to figure things out. It is your job to attract. It all comes back to energy. Everything in this world is made up of energy. Atoms are energy. Molecules are energy. YOU are energy. When you raise your vibration by increasing your mood, you raise your energy and naturally attract like energy items just like a magnet. You cannot attract your desires if your energy and vibe is low and negative. This just means you should keep your thoughts and mood as positive as possible. Of course you will have down times or days. You are human and you have emotions but understanding and recognizing those times will allow you to move through them with ease and get back into a high vibe loving state. This is when all of the magic begins to happen!

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