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Let your intuition take the wheel.

Hi! I'm Yolanda. I am a money and mindset coach AKA the "Money Relationship Guru". I teach women that money doesn't have to be scarce and hard to make. In fact, I teach how to make it fun and easy with manifestation and the law of attraction.

Years ago I was a thriving multiple six figure earning real estate agent. I manifested trips, cars, homes, investment properties, etc. If it was on my vision board, it was coming to fruition and fast!

That all came to an end when my son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 14. I faced every mothers worst nightmare... my son attempted suicide twice and I completely felt lost and hopeless. I knew I needed to step away from my career so that I could focus on him and his needs. There were therapy appointments, psychiatrist appointments and of course not to mention just being there for him.

Stepping away from my career of course put a huge dent in our yearly income but that's when my resourcefulness came into place. That's when I found that reselling used clothing online was a thing. It was a thing many people were making great money from and it was something I could do on my own schedule. I've always been the go getter type so sitting around with any spare time I actually had was not something that interested me. Although I gave up my career, I still wanted to help my family financially and I still wanted something for me. Something that I could build and that gave me a sense of accomplishment outside of family.

After much trial and error, I was able to learn to make thousands of dollars a month from home. During this time in my life is when my personal development truly began to take precedence. I have always been slightly spiritual and always into manifestation and the law of attraction (it was the core belief I've always had that led me to my abundance) but now, I was discovering more about myself by diving deep. You see, I myself was fighting off depression while I was helping my son. Our daily ups and downs along with feeling a loss for leaving my business that I truly loved was beginning to take its toll on me.

As always, our struggles and trials and tribulations are usually blessings in disguise. I'm not saying I'm happy that my son has the diagnoses he has but I do feel it led me down a path I needed to experience in order to grow. That growth led me to my true passion. Coincidence? I don't believe in them. I believe what is meant to be will be and therefore your subconscious mind and intuition will find a way to manifest into your reality.

When I was a real estate agent, my favorite part of the process was truly taking the time to educate my clients and coach them through their options and decisions to find the best route for them. I took pride in educating myself on more than just the sale of the home so that I could provide my clients with as much knowledge as possible. This is what I feel made me so successful in my career. This is also what made me realize that coaching other women was what I wanted to do.

Nothing in this world sets my soul on fire more than helping other women reach their financial goals. Helping them heal from their old stories that kept them playing small and living in scarcity, to living an abundant life that they always dreamed of. As Tony Robbins always says, "success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure". Life doesn't happen to us, it happens for us. If you have an idea, a goal or a desire, know that it is in you for a reason. Trust your intuition and your gut. It's leading you to your desires.

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