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The Millionaire Next Door...

The millionaire next door, has a completely different view on money than you.... here's why.....

Having money isn't about what car you drive, what brands you wear or the house you live in...

True wealth provides freedom of choice

I learned through trial and error at a very young age that the things that I once associated with wealth didn't actually equal true wealth.

It wasn’t until I entered the world of real estate and was exposed to people that created true wealth that I realized, there’s a difference in how they view money compared to a majority of the world.

Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast I’m talking about the differences I noticed in how extremely successful and wealthy people think, spend and operate compared to what most of us associate with “having money”.

Listening to this one will most definitely create a shift in your reality and how you move forward as you plan your goals for 2023.

Drop everything you’re doing and go listen now!


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