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Private Coaching with Yolanda

your next level awaits.

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Here's The Thing...

maybe you're wondering if you're cut out for entrepreneurship

maybe you've tried other programs and offers before

but the difference here is my strategies have been proven to work by more than 200+ entrepreneurs

this isn't mindset coaching disguised as business support

this is real tangible and practical marketing and sales implementation

and group coaching is awesome, but time is money. you need someone inside your business with you, quickly pointing out the areas that need help.

My Most Intimate Offer

If you're looking for a more personal coaching experience this is for you.

Learn how to implement sales psychology & laser focused marketing with personalized feedback and support

What if you understood deeply how to connect with the consumer mind

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15% Off All Items

Listen Up...

You don't want to let another six months pass by and still be wondering why you can't crack the code.

Doing the same thing and expecting different the definition of insanity. Your next level requires you to change. You must make next-level decisions and investments to get there.

Let's collapse time, shatter your glass ceiling, and get to that next level...FAST.

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About Me

Hi gorgeous! I'm Yolanda Boyarin

I'm the sales expert behind the 7 figure brand Manifest Mad Money

In fact, this is my 2nd 7 figure brand I've created

I started from very humble beginnings as a teen mom at the age of 17 and I used my son as my motivator, NOT my excuse

I used to hustle 6 & 7 days a week for 10-12 hours a day in real estate while sacrificing time with my loved ones

That changed when my son was hospitalized and I knew I needed to reprioritize

So I learned how to build a business online and now I make money in my slippers from the comfort of my own home

My background in sales + understanding how to lead you to creating offers and content that speak directly to your ideal client, takes the guesswork out of finding clients 

Instead we create a pipeline of people ready to pay you now

When you hire me, you're not just getting a coach but a TRUE EXPERT

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What To Expect

I won't do the work for you.
simply put, you are responsible for your own success.

i am here to guide you to the truth, support you in your business, and help you simplify sales

in this container, you get weekly access to me through a mix of coaching calls and voxer access.

We focus on ethical sales psychology, marketing streams that lead buyers to you and building a nurturing sequence designed to make you consistent income month after month

within the first few months, client's begin to raise their prices, love their business again, make mind-blowing money, gain loads of confidence, and sometimes restructure their offers and business model 

The Next Step

Apply below to work with yolanda 1:1

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