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The Energy of Manifestation

Newsflash: Massively wealthy and successful people are not "waiting" for opportunities, they are out there creating them.

Manifestation is an energy of creating, NOT an energy of waiting.

When you make a decision to move, you are also moving and shifting the energy around you which then opens new portals of opportunities and receiving. Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast, I'm sharing a recent manifestation win that required me to make the first move which then opened up the space for me to receive. It takes letting go of fear and expectation. It takes stepping up to the plate and being willing to take a swing. If you're ready to make the most of the rest of the year, this episode is one you can't miss. Tune in now! Xo, Yolanda P.S. One of the best things I ever did for my business was start my podcast. It truly was a game changer but most people that start a podcast struggle with getting people to listen and making sales from it because podcast listeners are different. They crave more than the sales strategies that work on social media. There is an art to it and the 6 Figure Podcast Program is going to teach you from A-Z how to start a podcast, grow it, and make sales from it. Join me here! P.P.S. I officially have 1 spot for private coaching and only 2 spots left for my mastermind (because you get a 1:1 call with me each month in the MM). My client Kate joined my mastermind in August and just celebrated her first $20k cash month! In August she had a 217% increase in revenue from July and it has continued to increase drastically each month since joining. Join the Mastermind here or schedule a consult call if you're interested in private coaching with me!

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