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Redirection From the Universe

You feel it internally, you know your gut and your intuition are screaming at you that something isn't right.

You know something needs to change but....

You brush it off and continue to stay in that familiar hell. Meanwhile there is pure joy and nirvana waiting for you if you would just let go of the thing that is no longer serving you.

When we resist for so long, the universe calls for backup and everything begins to shift.

You watch as it all begins to fall apart. The crumbling is oh so messy.

Yet, when it's all said and done, hindsight shows you why it had to happen in the exact way that it did.

Today's podcast episode is learning to pivot in flow when the universe is redirecting you.

Head over and listen now about how this will lead you to the most peaceful and abundant energies while also listening to something I recently experienced as the universe continued to scream in my face "this is no longer aligned with you!".



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