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The Personal
Energetic Signature Method

Say Hello To The Certification That Will Change Your Business Forever

Unlock Your Unique Design And The Cash Will Follow

“I made an additional $65,000 from this program by increasing my current business and selling $15,000 worth of Human Design Readings without even advertising. It was all through word of mouth by following my design.”

-Lacey T

Vibe check: you could be a lot less stressed right now.

You got into the coaching biz because you have the calling to help others succeed. And you’re really effing good at it!


But chances are, you’ve lost a bit of steam from the hustle. Previous courses taught you that you need to do business like everyone else if you want to pull in the cash. (WRONG! More on that later.)


What those other courses didn’t teach you was the skills to do business your way. When you align with your personal design elements, you eliminate the frustration and exhaustion of trying to replicate cookie-cutter business frameworks. (One size fits all . . . nope.) 


I know from my own journey and from the success of my clients that transforming your business into a soulfully aligned money magnet can be easeful, delightful, and pure magic.


With the right support, you can uncover your core design and watch as the doors to success start flying open. Not to mention the cash you are going to make from charging clients for these same services. I'm talking a very quick return on your investment!

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Visionary Femmes,
You Are My People

You know what freedom feels and tastes like—and you want to help others to see it as well.


You find it maddening when people argue for their limitations AND still catch yourself doing it sometimes.


You’re a diehard go-getter who needs to find a sustainable flow so you don’t burn out or miss another family reunion.


You want to make mad money and have the time and energy to do something outrageously fun with it—on the regular.


You yearn to build a bridge to the people who need your offering most, before your big dream fades away.


Oh, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t like being told what to do. High-fives all around!

The Personal Energetic Signature Method

A 6-Month Certification Course For Coaches Who Want To Unleash Their Earning Potential With Energetics

Warning: I hope you’re not allergic to the idea of living in a constant stream of effortless abundance. Because you, my queen, are about to live in it!


With a quick internet search, you can discover an endless supply of Human Design testimonials, reporting radical life transformations. Take a step further, and you might uncover Human Design charts, aka BodyGraphs.


And that’s where most people go crosseyed. 


See, every person has a one-of-a-kind Human Design chart, which acts as their own personal treasure map. It’s full of shapes and squiggly lines that actually incode your individual energy type, strategy, and authority—the golden keys to your success.


(Psst! Your chart also indicates the areas where you’re more prone to making misaligned decisions due to the influence of societal conditioning. Trust me, girl, I know—shit’s about to get real.)


Stop being one more hustler in a sea of burnt-out coaches and start flourishing as an irresistible leader with the magic touch that delivers insane results for your clients.


I’m passionate about teaching my students how to pull their charts and interpret them for rapid-fire miracles in their own practice and in their clients’ lives as well. We get down to the jaw-dropping insights that go deep, to grow big.


Participants will also gain the skills to facilitate past life regressions and combine all of the above with elevated AF business strategy, adding an untouchable edge to their practice.

You’re not average by any stretch of the Imagination, so stop trying to run your business like everyone else

“Within two months I had booked out my 1:1 mentorship with pay in full clients and now have a waiting list of people waiting to work with me. My income quadrupled in two months!”

-Claire R

Let's Dig Into The Nitty Gritty

I’ve designed the Personal Energetic Signature Certification to give my students what other certifications don’t – an environment to hone their skills and actionable steps for landing new clients.


During the six-month program we’ll dive into:


  • Human Design chart interpretation and implementation

  • Past Life Regression facilitation

  • Synthesizing woo + strategy for accelerated growth

  • Weekly live training where we break down my method in detail

  • Daily coaching and support in our private community


To top it all off, we’ll get tons of real-ass practice! Throughout the course, you’ll exchange sessions with other students to improve through feedback and build the confidence needed to use these techniques with your own clients.


Upon completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to kick ass at the final exam and earn your certifications in Human Design, Past Life Regression, and the Personal Energetic Signature Method. (Next step: raise your prices, baby!)

Not to mention you will begin earning money from these new skills well before our time together ends.

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“I went from $5k months to $150k year because of this program!”

-Maggie I

The Next ROUND Begins in SEPTEMBER


Want In?

A Lil’ More About Me


Hi, I’m Yolanda Boyarin – certified coach, hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, and originator of the Personal Energy Signature Method.


My method coalesced from personal experience. When I transitioned from real estate to coaching, I was at my limit with the struggle to pull in a consistent income from my business.


When I discovered Human Design and Past Life Regression, the results were lightning-fast, larger than life, and the best part: They weren’t difficult to achieve. 


This is the magic ingredient behind the thriving coaching biz that I run today. Synergizing these techniques with next-level business strategy, I manifested multiple 6-figures in my coaching practice, and thought, “I’ve got to help my clients do the same.”


Thanks to the Personal EnergeticSignature Method, I’ve helped my clients consistently achieve $20K-$30K+ cash months without the late nights and stress migraines on top of creating a half a million dollar a year biz myself.

More Cash, More Clients, More FUN!

Let’s be real—I know it’s not that simple. You’ve got bills to pay and kids (or husbands, but what’s the difference?) to feed. On top of that, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are bombarding you with ads for “guru” courses – and you need to cut through the noise quick to get to the real, for real.


I’m not here to throw another #TrendyHashtag at you (I mean, I might because it’s fun, but that’s not my why, capiche?) or tell you that if you follow one certain formula you’ll have a million-dollar launch.


I’m here to help you uncover the magnitude of your talents, as well as the personal path that will bring you abundance by design. 


No more being let down by empty promises of gurus past. With accurate self-knowledge, you can outsmart cultural conditioning and punch those money blockages in the face. And I’m going to be there with you every step of the way.

“It's been less than a month and I've already made back my investment! . . . And just like that, I hit $25k in sales this month!”

-Emyrald S.

  • How quickly will I make my money back?
    I teach you how to sell the same services you are mastering in this course very quickly. Current clients have made their money back 30 days into the course. The average single Human Design reading alone goes for $400-$1200. You will learn to apply the same concepts you are mastering to create packages and offers similar to those that led me to half a million dollars a year in my business.
  • Will this certification help me get more clients?
    The certification will help you dive deeper into what works best for you, which in turn makes building your business and making sales easier and more fun. On top of that, you will be able to deliver powerful breakthroughs for clients which will make you more confident in serving more people. Not to mention client results will be massive and client retention will be a breeze.
  • How do I know if this is really for me?
    The Personal Energetic Signature Certification is for anyone looking to add Human Design, Past Life Regression and of course customized marketing strategies to the modalities that they use personally and/or for clients. The course is designed to provide tangible and practical strategies that can easily be applied to begin making more money in a faster time.
  • When does the certification start?
    The next round starts September 19th, 2023.
  • What happens if I miss a call?
    While it is best for you to be present for as many calls as possible for the live hands on training, each student will have a private portal where replays will be uploaded. These calls must be watched if you missed them in order to qualify to take the final exam.

How Much Longer Do You Want To Wait For Success?

Get These Life-changing Certifications And Let The Abundance Flow!

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