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Excuses & Money Don't Mix

3 new women joined my mastermind scared to make the investment…

Less than a week later, they all hit their highest sales and income yet!

Here’s how they did it:

  1. They each came in committed to making this work, asked questions, got coached and got straight to work by applying what they learned

  2. They were all open about what was currently working and what wasn’t and from there we made adjustments and tweaks to their business

  3. After the adjustments were made, they were all honest and vulnerable with me about their fears with the changes so we could work through the mindset shifts necessary to show up confidently and make it work

All 3 of these women had a fear of the investment because that’s normal human behavior but what they didn’t do is let that fear stop them.

Imagine if they had given into that fear… none of them would have hit their highest income so damn quick.

Fear is natural when it comes to the unknown but if it’s holding you back from building a life and business you love, it’s time to adjust.

Today’s podcast episode is reminding you that although fear can feel very very real, it doesn’t have to hold you back.

Tune in now and shift your reality.



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