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$65k from a $5k Investment


$65,000 Made from a $5,000 Investment, here's how

My client Lacey joined my Human Design Certification just wanting to master her own energy and wound up growing her cleaning business in 3 cities, hiring new employees, gaining several large AirBNB accounts AND selling 40 Human Design sessions through word of mouth without advertising.

Lacey brought in $50,000 extra from her cleaning business and $15,000 just from Human Design readings which she never promoted or advertised. All by mastering her Human Design energetics and merging this with her business strategy.

Lacey's transformation is another example of what happens when you fully embody your personal energetics AKA your Human Design and she's sharing the entire journey of how on today's podcast episode. Make sure to tune into this week's episode on the Manifest Mad Money podcast so you can begin embodying your design and letting the money flow TO YOU! Xo, Yolanda P.S. The Human Design Certification starts next week so this is your last chance to join. Lacey's story is so inspiring but also the norm when you begin to apply your personal energetics and this transformation is available to you too. Come master your own energy while learning to help others do the same! Join here!

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