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Ever wish there was an easier way to sell so you could find paying clients NOW?

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the fast way to make sales without spending hours on sales pages, funnels or even engaging on social media.

Find clients and make sales TODAY with this proven sales strategy that is as easy as a simple post to your audience or the audience of others that moves people straight to your world without being “salesy".

Sales Supercharged  is the simple way to make sales now without overwhelming yourself with complicated and unnecessary tech.

If you’re a service-based business owner and find yourself saying “I just want more clients but….” , “I hate making sales pages”, I don’t know how to create a funnel”, or even “I just wish there was an easier way to make sales”, then this is for you.

The exact strategy that made me $5k my 1st month in business without cold DM’ing people.

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Let’s face it,

getting paying clients is what makes a business a business but...

it isn't easy

Creating sales pages can feel overwhelming and take up a lot of time

Setting up your funnel is on your to do list but you have a business to run and content creation and marketing is more of a priority

Spending hours commenting on others posts with the “hopes” of finding a client just isn’t cutting it

But what if there was an easier way to help you sign clients now without killing yourself spending hours chained to your desk and behind a computer?

I get how hard it can be which is exactly why I created Sales Supercharged which is the solution to all of the above.

It simplifies sales to get you making money NOW, not later, not after you’ve built an audience, but NOW.

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It’s my  proven 2 step method  that will get you paying clients fast, then turn them into consistent sales and it isn’t full of fluff, it’s simplified sales psychology.

And it’s the key to finding clients and creating profit.

Why listen to me?




Hi, I'm Yolanda, a sales and business coach, and owner of a 7 figure brand

...but it hasn’t always been this way. 

When I first started my journey I had a very small audience, 🫣 felt trapped in overwhelm 😩 and didn’t really want to do all of the things people were telling me I had to do 😒.


But I knew I wanted two things:

💸 Fast income 

💸 Consistent income


So what if YOU learned the process I found while using my knowledge in sales psychology that allowed me to do these two things?


I started to learn to leverage other peoples audiences and my own small audience by creating one post written in a certain way that calls people into my world with no objections.   🙌🏻

From there, these people actually turned into PAYING CLIENTS through a simple and short conversation specifically for this offer.


This means no cold DM’ing, no audience needed, no funny sales page. Just a genuine offer and genuine sales strategy that makes money.


This changed my business because I was able to make fast cash and become profitable my very first month with a flood of clients without having to worry about sales pages or feeling pushy or “salesy”.

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Yolanda Boyarin

Here to make you more SALES!

Imagine how it would feel…

📩 To have people flooding your inbox asking “where’s the link to join?”
🤑 To build a loyal following ready to buy anytime you make an offer!
👑 To stand out as the go to person in your niche!

I bet it would feel damn good. 🙌🏻
And how do I know this?
⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Because this signature method is what has helped hundreds of my clients that once felt stuck just like you, create fast cash and profits in their businesses and now it’s available to you too.

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Say hello to

Sales Supercharged

The way to making fast cash in your business now!

By the end of this course you will have:

  • The exact strategy to add an additional $5k and $10k month per month. 

  • The secret to consistent sales.

  • Clients ready to pay now and the exact process to duplicate this.  

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Inside you will find

The Fast Cash Method

Value of $200

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Save yourself time and stress by understanding how to make sales instantly while building a pipeline of loyal clients.

Through this method learn.. 

✅ The one post you can put up anywhere there’s an audience online and have people writing to you to work with you
✅ How to turn those inquiries into clients including the flow of how to convert them.
✅ How to create a pipeline of consistent clients from this one action.

This is the exact process that made me $5k my 1st month in business and $10k my 2nd month. 💯

No matter where you are in your business journey, this method is simple and effective.

In this method you will learn…

How to get more long term clients by understanding your it factor.
Turning that into a signature process.
How to position and leverage this for even more sales.

Because your unique gifts and abilities set you apart from the rest.

Make more sales by extracting the key pieces that help your ideal client see the value in working with you.

But that isn’t enough, we are going to jazz yo
ur process up, making it sexy AF and absolutely irresistible to your soulmate clients.

Studies show that having a signature process actually increases sales and I’m showing you exactly how to do that in this video.

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The Secret to Consistent Sales

Value of $150

Now that you know how to make fast cash from the method above, let’s turn that fast cash into consistent income in your business by learning how to turn those instant purchases into clients wanting to work with you for life. 

Just one payment away from lifetime access and a money back guarantee!

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And you don’t need to just take my word for the transformation this can create, here’s what others have to say:

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Now that you have mastered fast cash and sales, these bonuses will help you find extra ways to make more money.

Value of $350

Making money in your business doesn’t just come from strategy & branding, which is why my secret sauce to helping clients make more money is Human Design. Understanding your personal strengths and leveraging your most profitable energies leads to more money without the hustle.

The Energetics of Sales

Mini bundle 10.png

Avoid the roller coaster of sales going up and down by clearing your money blocks. Making consistent sales requires you to have a solid relationship with money to avoid common self sabotage that repels clients. If the strategy isn’t working, it’s time to check in with your money beliefs.

Clearing Money Blocks & Manifesting

Value of $150

You might be thinking right now

“There’s no way this will work for me, I’ve tried so many things and still struggle with sales?”.


They don’t call me the queen 👑 of marketing for nothing. 


I have a knack for simplifying sales while breaking all of the traditional rules that all the gurus tell you are necessary.


Just ask my clients......

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If you’ve tried everything, chances are you’ve been missing the most important basics of understanding how to get easy traffic and then convert that with ease through a signature method and that is what this program has in store for you.


Come back to the most powerful business basics with me to get your business booming.

Here’s how you know this is 100% right for you:

➡️ You are a service based business looking for a simple way to find clients and make money WITHOUT stressing about funnels, email sequences and long sales pages.

➡️ You want instant fast cash NOW and you also want to build a more sustainable and consistent client base behind the scenes

➡️ You’re tired of feeling like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall just to see what sticks and you’re ready for real sales strategies that WORK.

➡️ You have been posting about your offers and doing things to move the needle forward and feeling like maybe there’s something you’re missing, so you’re looking for a simple fool proof way to start finding clients NOW.

➡️ You know you have something great to offer the world and you’re just not sure how to market and get in front of more of your ideal clients without burning out.

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You will get instant access to:



✅ The quick and easy way to making money now while building a brand that’s in demand and keeps clients coming YOUR way.

👑 Stand out Marketing - Getting in front of your ideal client and knowing how to present your services in a “no brainer, sign me up now” kind of way an energy and when you understand the energetics of this, making consistent sales is easy.

🎁 BONUS: The Energetics of Sales

Combining the power of your personal Human Design chart that increases sales without the hustle

🎁 BONUS: Clearing Money Blocks & Manifesting

Money is an energy and when you understand the energetics of this, making consistent sales is easy

One time payment, Lifetime access, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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Hi, I’m Yolanda, a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs with more than 20 years experience in sales. Over the past 3 years I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you start and grow an online business with many of them going on to create 6 and multi 6 figure businesses. 🤑

After helping these incredible women hone their sales and marketing skills, I know a thing or two about making money online… and I also know that most of us are busy and don’t have countless hours to spend trying to make sales.

After seeing women stay stuck because of this - even when their businesses should be BOOMING- I decided to do a thing and create a way for spiritual entrepreneurs to master sales in a non pushy or “salesy” way that’s actually easy to bring in cash. 🎉

And so, Sales Supercharged was born.

I truly believe that spiritual entrepreneurs deserve to find a solution to making money in a way that they can afford at ant time they need it and this solution does just that.

I’d be honored to help you break the seal to more sales and can’t wait to see the difference this makes in your business.



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This solution has been designed to take the guesswork out of sales and create fast cash.

I am confident that this is the solution to help you hit your income goals
HOWEVER I want you to know that there is
no risk in purchasing today.

Because if you don’t love Sales Supercharged, you can request your  money back within 7 days- no questions asked.

That is how confident I am that this solution will help you bring in clients and sales now.

Here’s what other people have to say about Sales Supercharged

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Do you have questions?
Here are some answers to some of the most common questions


  1. How long will I have access to this? 
    This program is lifetime access so that you can watch it as many times as you need to and on your own time.

  2. I’m not an online coach, will this work for me?
    As long as you have an online service based business, the concepts and principles shared in this program will help you convert more sales.

  3. Is there a refund policy?
    I am so confident in this program and the results it has delivered for hundreds of other online businesses, there is a 7 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

A last love note from me to you


And that is it’s time to make money in your business.


Whatever you do- whether you invest in this solution or not- make sure you are prioritizing a simple and effective marketing strategy because creating demand in your business really is the secret to consistent sales.


So you can quit your 9-5 and make a sustainable income that continues to grow.


And if you do want a hand today, this solution is waiting for you risk free.


The only thing you have to lose is more eyes on your amazing business in the easiest way possible.

xoxo, Yolanda

Lifetime access, one time payment, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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