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Using Your Human Design

Conscious creation is available for everyone. It isn't some superhuman gene that skipped over you at birth.

The power to consciously create the life you want lies within your belief system. You don't have to be an energy expert or a spiritual guru. You just have to believe what you want is possible (because it is) and take action.

Action starts with one small step towards your goal. Imagine trying to put together a piece of IKEA furniture starting with step 9 of the directions rather than step 1. You would be lost and probably give up.

Start at step 1 and be patient with yourself. Understand your strengths and keep applying them over and over until you get the desired result and then, rinse and repeat in order to get to the next step.

Understanding our own power and where we tend to excel is like finding a treasure map to the buried gold. It allows us to have a sense of direction and how to get to X.

This is exactly what Human Design does for my clients. It is the map that helps lead them to manifesting their 6 figure business with their own energetic signature rather than wandering aimlessly for hints and clues that others may leave behind.

In today's podcast episode I share how to use your Human Design to discover the best strategy for you to manifest the life and business of your dreams. Head over and listen now!



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