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The Answer to Building Your Dream Biz

Masculine vs Feminine Energy in Your Business

Masculine = structure, strategy, systems, processes, aligned action

Feminine = Trust, belief, patience, flow, receiving

We want so deeply to believe when things aren't working that it is just a strategy problem. What we don't realize is that surrendering into trust is the hardest part of building a business.

Anytime I have faced hard times in my business, it is always a lack of belief which leads me to begin looking outside of myself for answers and trying to pile more strategy on top of my energy and belief problem.

Piling more strategy on top of a lack of belief is like putting lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig and smells like one too.

Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast I'm sharing the thing most of my clients come to me for and why it's not always the answer to building the business of your dreams.

Make sure to tune in now to avoid these downward spirals.



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