Success & Wealth at 25

Money and success have no prerequisites. ⠀ Your ability to create it has nothing to do with your age, your past, your marital status, race, gender or anything else. It is available to anyone and everyone, you just have to believe it. Today on the Manifest Mad Money podcast, I'm interviewing my client Madison who contacted me when she was 24 years old, had $4 in her account and was living on tuna sandwiches. Madison knew she was meant for more but she also knew she needed to work on her mindset to get there. A few months later she's now 25 and brining in $30k+ consistently each month, she's manifested being a home owner, dream vacations, and even love! We talk about it all on this episode and I promise you she will inspire the fuck out of you. Head over and listen now! Xo, Yolanda

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