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Stop Being Inspiring

If you keep hearing "you're so inspiring" but they aren't buying your programs, it's because inspiring doesn't equal sales.

There's a different energy that takes place when a client sees you as expert enough to hire you and join your program and if you struggle with this, then today's podcast episode is for you!

Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast, I'm breaking down for you exactly what you're missing that is keeping you in the friend zone with your audience.

I would run not walk to this episode NOW!



P.S. Small Audience starts next week and this is the program that will take you from "inspiring" to "that's the expert I'm ready to hire" vibes. There are practical things you should be doing in your sales and marketing plan but it will also require you to make some massive energetic shifts around your mindset and the way you show up. This program is helping you shift it all and should be more of a mini sales certification Next time I run this, the price will increase SIGNIFICANTLY. That's how good it is. Join us now!

P.P.S. The Human Design Certification is starting October 27th. This is the only certification that teaches you to make more money by mastering yourself first and then using the skills you learn to help others transform through their design and energy. Get paid to learn because I teach you to start making your money back the first month of the program! Ready to join the program that is drastically shifting lives? Click here now!

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