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Receiving messages from dreams

Today's episode on the Manifest Mad Money podcast is about receiving and deciphering messages from your dreams. Not only do I break this down for you but I also teach you how to create the opportunity to receive messages and it all starts with a simple question.

Frustrated from always hearing people say "The answers are inside of you."? I know you're thinking it makes zero sense right? If the answer was inside of you, you probably would have already taken action and applied it, right?!?

Let me explain!

When we are so focused on the problem, we are unconsciously blocking ourselves from receiving a solution because, what we focus on expands. We get so caught up in the problem and continue to feed it with questions of what if, how, etc. and before we know it, what started out as a small problem, has now grown into a life altering dilemma.

Coaching works because it causes us to face ourselves. Having someone from the outside looking in to challenge us to look past the default "I don't know" response is more powerful than you can imagine.

Truth is, "I don't know" is the easy answer that stunts growth and keeps you stuck. Deep down you do know, you just don't know how to unpack the extra baggage to get to the answer that you hid and packed away.

It's time to move past "I don't know" and into "I create" and "I am". Listen now to get the low down on how to do this!



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