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Receiving and Manifesting

Who will buy this? Who am I to charge this much money? Who am I to EARN this much money? If you’ve ever found yourself asking these types of questions about your business, then you have a money mindset story.

These types of resistances keep your business and yourself from growing and calling in the abundance that you deserve.

This week on the pod I talk with Samantha Siffring about these types of situations I’ve come across with my clients and go into detail on how to help. Come listen now and raise your maximum with us! Xo, Yolanda P.S. Your business requires belief and strategy. It requires you to raise your vibration to a level beyond your current status all while understanding how to get in front of your client, grab their attention and effectively communicate to them the transformation that is a result of working with you. This is when results take place and I'm ready to hold space for you in either of my containers. The Fearless Soulprneuer is ready for you with big transformations and all of the support you need or if you're more of a 1:1 person, I have space available for you too. Click here to access information on both containers!

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