Receive downloads & guidance From the universe

The Universe is calling. Have you answered?

The last few weeks we have talked about receiving and asking the Universe for signs but today is about trusting the guidance you receive. The biggest lesson I had to learn when doing my inner shadow work and when I'm manifesting, is to trust my gut feeling.

When you receive what we call "inspired action" or "downloads", this is information that hits you in a moment when you least expected it. This along with the signs and angel numbers is the Universe guiding you.

I often ask for creative solutions to whatever my problem is in the moment and shortly after (it can be hours or a few days) I receive inspired action. It is like a ton of bricks hits me and makes me stop, take a moment and really think about it and process it. This is the secret sauce.

The Universe is like a very respectful friend. It does not want to intrude or interject unsolicited advice. You have to ask for it. Yes it is always there to guide you but when you ask for the map, you will arrive at your destination much quicker than if you wander alone.

Treat the Universe as your best friend. Talk to it. Ask questions. Embrace and trust that it only wants the best for you but you also have to want the best for you. You have to show it that you are ready for more. The rest of the staircase will always show up once you take the first step in faith.

As always, I am here to support you. If you need more 1:1 coaching around manifesting your dream life and business, I urge you to contact me. Ready to manifest? My latest course Money Mindset Magic which is a course all about manifestation, will be released soon. Make sure to take advantage of the pre launch pricing. This is my exact manifestation process that has my clients manifesting money, trips, luxury items and so much more. You can also sign up for the free 3 day challenge that starts Monday June 24th. Get ready to manifest mad money!

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