Reasons People Say "I Can't Afford It"

Reasons why people say they can't afford it:

-They genuinely can't afford it

-They may have fear surfacing (will it actually work for me)

-You haven't made them feel like this program/course/product is the answer to their needs

-They have tried many times in the past to fix this problem and they don't know why this program/course/product will be different

-You're trying to sell them based on what the program/course comes with rather than the transformation they will get

Sometimes people genuinely can't afford it but also we are really f*cking resourceful when we really want something. If we truly feel that a purchase will change our lives in some aspect that is worth it for us, we go all out to make it happen. On today's episode of the Manifest Mad Money Podcast, I'm sharing my top tips to help you hone in on your marketing skills so you can hear more "How do I sign up?". Head over and listen now. Xo, Yolanda P.S. This is what Frequency is all about . Human Design with aligned marketing genius based on your own energetics. Speak your clients language while leveraging your most powerful energies to close more sales now! P.P.S. The Mastermind starts soon and if Frequency caught your eye then just know that everyone in my mastermind gets access to all of my programs throughout our time together. This is such a no brainer. Long term transformational mentorship with live focused and niched programs to help you dive deeper into your entrepreneurial mastery.

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