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Money, Rituals & Sisterhood

"Women who support women are more successful"- Forbes, Shelly Zalis.

Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast we're talking Money, Rituals and Sisterhood.

My clients are sharing how the story of how they never expected one weekend in Austin to completely change their lives and their finances.

Not only do they share how they walked away and made more money while working less, they are getting vulnerable AF about their struggles in business and what they had to let go of in order to hit 6 figures.

What you think creates success, couldn't be further from the truth and my clients are spilling all the tea on what actually creates success.

Head over and listen now!



P.S. Get your own taste of sisterhood and energetic income upgrades in my 3 day 2022 Pre Game Mini Mind. You get 3 days of close individualized coaching with me while creating a plan that will actually lead you to your income goals. It's the same process I go through each year including how I created a half a million dollars this year! Join me now!

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