Modern Day Vision Boarding

Manifestation is so much more than just a vision board and affirmations.

Today on the Manifest Mad Money podcast, I'm sharing my take on vision boarding that actually helps my clients manifest much faster.

I explain the science and purpose behind doing this in a particular way and it's perfect to help you begin creating your 2022 results.

Head over and listen now and make sure to screenshot and tag me with what you're manifesting (put that energy into the universe and claim it).



P.S. Everyone is buzzing from the mini mind I held last week and if that was just from 3 days, imagine the success you can create from a consistent routine while being coached by me for 6 months inside the Energetic Wealth Codes Mastermind, not to mention the energetic upgrades from our trip to Sedona. You belong in a room of winners. Apply here now!

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