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Million Dollar Energy

You are already a match for money. You have received over and over throughout your life and that is a fact.

The thing that is holding you back is the belief that you can only attract and receive a certain value of money. Let that sink in.

If your desire is to expand your receiving capacity, you will need to operate at a different frequency than ever before.

When you believe it, that is when you will see it and that looks like letting your aura lead rather than the confines of the mind.

Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast I'm sharing the 3 biggest mistakes you are making when growing your money vessel (AKA your business) and how to quickly shift into a timeline that is most aligned with your biggest desires and income.

From this space you have nothing to lose but your ego, yet the tradeoff of more clients and sales will far outweigh any blows the ego may face.

Head over and listen now!



P.S. Manifest Mad Money officially crossed the 7-figure mark this month and I am so f*cking excited to bring this energy to you inside the Energetic Wealth Codes Mastermind. This isn't for everyone. I'm only looking for those that are committed to showing up, committed to their success and committed even when there may be bad days because that's exactly what it took for me to get here. Hit reply or DM me to schedule your connection call to discuss this next level container!

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