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Manifest Love, Self Love and Confidence

Uri and I have been together for 22 years and married for 20 but we still have people ask us all the time if we are newlyweds due to the intense love we have for one another.

I've never actually shared the story on how I manifested my soulmate even though over the years I've had so many people tell me how inspired they are by our relationship.

In today's episode of the Manifest Mad Money Podcast, I share exactly what I did to manifest this amazing love story and how you can repeat the process to manifest your soulmate!

Just a little hint, this applies to your business also.

Head over and listen now.



P.S. You have been asking for it and so I am delivering!! I created the most amazing container combining energetics, rituals and sacred Indigenous medicines (all legal) that I personally use in my daily life and business. Ceremony is my newest 4 week program designed to completely shift your energy and take your life and business to the next level. You will get a kit with everything you need to participate along with 4 weeks with me in a sacred container unlike any other. Pre-sale pricing is available now!

P.P.S. Because I did not have a chance to fully promote the Human Design Certification last week, you still have a chance to join us this week only. Take this as your sign if you missed out . The Universe just granted you another chance to go first. Join here!

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