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Make Your Vision Board Your Reality!

Are you ready to make your vision board a reality? Most people get this one thing wrong

The principle Be. Do. Have. is based on the energy of first BEing the person who has what you desire (embodiment), then DOing the things from the energy of already having it (how would you show up if it were already yours?) and from there, you will receive/HAVE.

If you are waiting for "proof" before you start something, you are attracting more "waiting" energy. You go first and give the universe something to respond to!

If your vision board goals aren't coming to fruition then you may have an energy problem.

Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast, I'm sharing the biggest lessons I've learned when it comes to turning my vision board goals into my reality.

Whether it was a trip to the Maldives, success in my business, or my Range Rover, the energy shifts necessary were all the same and I'm sharing exactly how to embody this. Enjoy!



P.S. Aligned AF is a 2-week program that's a cross between Human Design and Sales Psychology where I'm teaching you to use the planetary alignment in your HD chart to create an abundance of sales and it's only $222 until tonight! Join here now before the price increases.

P.P.S. It's Q4 and that means it's the hottest time of the year for most businesses. Are you prepared? I have so many ways to work with me in a high-level capacity to ensure massive success for this quarter. Dm me on social for options <3

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