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Make More Money!

There is so much more to Human Design than people realize and that means there is so much more opportunity than people realize as well. I teach my Human Design certification clients how to spread out their offers and make MORE MONEY with HD than they've ever made. You could sell single sessions and never run out of clients while charging $400- $1500 per session. You could sell high ticket 1:1 offers like I did for those that are ready to fully embody their HD. (I have charged $5k, $10k, $15k, and even $20k for packages like this) Your client renewal rate will increase due to BIGGER and BETTER results from them applying this knowledge and therefore you will increase sales. When you truly master Human Design, you will come up with your own unique concepts and programs that people are sure to jump in immediately. Self-mastery leads to massive results and this is exactly what your clients are looking for. I talk about this much more in-depth on today's episode of the Manifest Mad Money Podcast.

If you want to create offers that actually sell, head over and listen now!



P.S. The Personal Energetic Signature Certification will certify you in HD, Past Life Regression, Sales and Marketing by Design and of course you will master yourself and how you best make money and thrive. Price increases over $1,000 Friday plus the Reiki attunement bonus ends. Only 6 spots remain for private voxer access to me during the duration of the program for direct coaching with me. Join now to claim one of those spots. This offer is an absolute no-brainer. Payment plans are available!

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