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How to Stop Overthinking

Are you an overthinker? You have the goals, you have the dreams, you say you're going to make it happen but when it comes time to taking action... you freeze or worse... you talk yourself out of it.

Then another day goes by, then a month, then a year or maybe even years and you still haven't taken the first step towards what you know you want.

Our brains are designed to keep us safe. It's scanning for threats meaning it's looking for all the reasons why things won't work out for you.

So you stay in the same place where it's "safe" simply because it's familiar.

One of my strengths is getting clients out of their heads and into their dream lives and I'm going into full detail on today's podcast episode of exactly how I do this.

Make sure you head over and listen now and start taking making changes today!



P.S. The biggest way I help my clients is by walking them through their Human Design chart and a past life regression. We see exactly where they are blocking themselves and how they can shift their energy to a vibration that provides the quickest way to manifesting money and opportunities. We combine this with sales psychology and voila.... Sales and cash are flowing. The Personal Energetic Signature Method is my Human Design Certification combined with my personalized techniques that truly change lives. We have a few seats left for the April 11th class and I'm inviting you to join us. Click here to join now or send me a message with your questions about the program so we can make sure it's the right move for you!

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