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How to Hit $5k Months

Ever wondered what it really takes to make money online? You see others celebrating $20k, $30k, and even $50k+ months meanwhile you're over here asking yourself what's the secret these people have that I haven't learned yet.

Consistent $5k and $10k months are the foundation to your online business and are just as important, if not even more important than those big $50k and $100k months because this is where you are mastering your brand, your marketing and your sales format.

Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast I interviewed 3 of my clients that are in the Fearless Soulpreneur, about their journey to $5k-$10k cash months and the shifts they had to make in order to make this possible.

FUN FACT: They all hit $5k+ immediately after joining the program.

Simple shifts and a simplified sales plan create HUGE leaps!

Make sure to tune in today to hear the ladies share their inspirational stories to success and abundance.



P.S. The Fearless Soulpreneur has a new format in order to help you achieve your goals even quicker. You can sign up and gain instant access to the modules that make your business simple and profitable immediately and you now have the option to add on weekly coaching from me in a mastermind format at a ridiculously LOW rate. (The mastermind option is month to month and able to be canceled at any time but you must first enroll in the self-paced program). Make sure to click here to join so I can celebrate you on the podcast next!

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