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Healing Generational Money Trauma

Money trauma and beliefs are something that get passed down from generation to generation in the same way that we pass down family traditions or recipes.

What if you passed down a tradition that actually caused harm to your family rather than good? Would you continue to do it just for the sake of tradition? Why not?

This is the exact thing you are doing when you refuse to show up and do the healing work around your money story and generational money trauma from your ancestors.

Unless you have done work around rewriting your money story, chances are that your beliefs aren't even yours. They were probably the same beliefs your parents had around money that their parents passed down to them and you were conditioned and programmed into believing the same.

Your programming is dated and no longer serving you. Choosing to continue operating from this programming would be like you trying to run your online business from a typewriter, it makes no sense and gets you absolutely nowhere.

It is safe to drop the armor your ancestors equipped you with. After all, they were only using it because that's what helped them survive at the time. Now it's time for you to help heal generations before you and those that are yet to come but it starts here and now with YOU!

In today's podcast episode I share a ritual that will help you heal generational money trauma so that you and future generations are able to attract and receive money on your terms. If you are ready to rewrite the story, head over and listen now!



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