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Fear of Success

Most people believe that what’s holding them back from taking that next step is a fear of failure. In reality, what they really have is a fear of success. That's because success brings visibility and judgment. Wanting to retreat and be safe from the judgment of others is normal, but I’m here to help you conquer that instinct so you can focus less on the noise and more on yourself. You aren’t here to play by other people's rules, or fit the mold - you're here to be YOU! Listen to today's podcast episode of the Manifest Mad Money Podcast to help recognize the signs of the fear of success while I teach you how to master your energy and claim your power and confidence! Xo, Yolanda P.S. The Fearless Soulpreneur is for those ready to create and grow their heart-centered custom-tailored business and hit consist $5k+ months. This is the perfect combination of strategy and energetics combined with your Human Design. To gain instant access, click here. P.P.S. If you are ready to take things to an entirely new level, I have 2 1:1 spots available now. This intimate container is focused solely on you and your business with custom-tailored guidance to aligned sales and marketing techniques plus the deep inner work to move past things like the fear of success, your money story, and anything else that may be standing in your way from your multiple 6 figure business. Apply here to work with me 1:1.

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