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Ego or Intuition?

Is it your ego trying to keep you safe or is your intuition trying to warn you about something?

You make a decision, you're on a high and you're ready for change...... and then, you feel like you're going to be sick and you're ready to retreat just as quick as you were diving into this new direction.

But how do you know when it's intuition or ego? Today on the Manifest Mad Money Podcast, I'm sharing how to tell the difference between the warning signs of your intuition and those of fear, worry, doubt and scarcity.

Tune in today to listen and start making decisions as your highest self!



P.S. Ready to take things to the next level for the last quarter of the year? This is the biggest season for most businesses and the time to go ALL IN. If you're ready to leave fear behind and truly tap into your creativity and strength, the Micro Mastermind is a 6 week long intimate container with coaching by me where you have the choice of adding sacred medicine to help you achieve your goals even quicker! We start soon so reserve your spot here.

P.P.S. If you missed out on the Human Design Certification but you still want to master your energetics to learn to market and sell in alignment, keep an eye on my Instagram because I have an insane deal that is too good to miss that I will be announcing soon and early bird pricing is a NO BRAINER!!

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