Charging your Chakras

Manifestation is simple, show up as the energy you are looking to receive. Match that vibration and it is yours.

The problem is that many people are trying to create this energy from an unbalanced place A.K.A. "you're out of alignment".

Being in alignment means that you are in tune and harmonious with your higher self and your body. Your chakras are fully charged, balanced and working together as you emit the most magical aura.

Being out of alignment may look and feel like depression, confusion, feeling lethargic, low self esteem and many other low vibe states. We as humans experience an array of emotions throughout our journey. It's the prolonged state of this which signals our chakras need to be cleared and charged.

If you find yourself feeling like you've tried everything to pull yourself out of a low state, you may need to charge your chakras. Today's podcast episode shares my routine for charging my chakras and bringing myself back into alignment in order to continue creating from a place of abundance and gratitude. Head over and listen now!



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