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Building Generational Wealth

When we show up to create the life we desire, we give others around us permission to rise to the occasion and do the same... including our kids.

On today's podcast episode, my client Yesenia shares how healing her relationship with money has not just impacted her income as a coach but also the domino effect it had on her children.

Yesenia came to me as a single mom with two kids that was trying to make her dreams as an independent coach come to fruition.

She tried course after course from top names in the coaching sales and marketing industry and after 14 months still had made $0.

A week into signing up for the Fearless Soulpreneur she made $1200 cash and 30 days in she made $4000.

She shares her story and what was the shift that changed it all for her on this episode. Head over and listen now!



P.S. The Fearless Soulpreneur is my answer to the practical sales and marketing steps you need in your business along with the energetics you need to pull it all together. I promise you this course will simplify it all for you and get you making money fast. Join me now to start your journey to Manifesting Mad Money!

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