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6 Figure Strategies Inside

I hit my 1st 6 figures by mastering and perfecting the marketing and delivery of just 1 offer.

I was able to create a sustainable living and keep my nervous system regulated by offering high tickets without the stress of worrying about how many people would join.

I was clear and abundant in my money beliefs so there was no hesitation when sharing my pricing with potential clients. (No one will be more confident in your offers than you are)

I built real relationships and had real conversations with people.

I showed up with the intent to serve and gave massive value with the belief that the more I give, the more I receive.

As my schedule filled up, I raised my prices accordingly. ( I was never afraid to be a beginner and start with rates that were a no-brainer).

I scaled to multi 6 figures by adding scalable offers at different price points based on the clients level of access to me.

My money beliefs remain on board with what I charge so there is never any hesitation when sharing my pricing. I know I may not be for everyone and that is 100% ok with me.

Although I still enjoy and do make space for 1:1 conversations with others, my main focus is on my audience.

I still give massive value freely from a place of abundance and my rates are now based on my track record, the return on investment my clients get and the level of access you receive from me.

Ready to hear a more in-depth explanation on the strategies that will help your income grow? Head over to the Manifest Mad Money Podcast now to listen to today's episode.

This episode will not disappoint!



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