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$5K Challenge

2021 version of you is just as worthy of praise and love as the new energy you are cultivating for 2022.

Don't forget to love her, to acknowledge her and to thank her for all of it, no matter how many sales you made or if you hit your goals because... YOU ARE ALWAYS WORTHY!

Go into this new year with clear and aligned energy by writing a letter to the 2021 version of you as you welcome in new growth for 2022.

Once you do this, hide the letter in a drawer or under something on your desk and revisit this at the end of 2022.

Now head over to this weeks podcast episode to get some inspiration and motivation for how to achieve your goals in 2022 by listening to clients inside of the Fearless Soulpreneur share how they are hitting their highest earning months yet after I challenged them to hit $5k cash.



P.S. Time to make your move! 2022 is around the corner and I have a few ways you can currently work with me + a special bonus for those that act now :

1. The Fearless Soulpreneur- This has taken newbie business owners from $0 all the way to $25k cash months and the price is going up January 1st. Get started here now!

2. Energetic Wealth Codes Mastermind- This is the place to be if you want to learn how to hit multiple 6 figures and learn how I doubled my income and hit half a million dollars this year. Apply here!

3. 1:1 Coaching- I am now switching from a mainly 1:1 business model to scale my business so that means I have limited seats. I only have 2 spots available for 1:1 coaching and we start in January. Apply for a free consult call here!

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