Girl, Stop Spinning Your Wheels And Start Stacking That Cash

Balance Inner Work With REAL Strategy For Tangible Results, Fast
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Hey, ambitious one

You’re probably on information overload, and I feel that. Too many theories without a game plan actually make it harder to take the next step in building your biz.


You don’t need to binge on any more YouTube marketing tutorials. What you need are the skills to start closing more sales, right now!


I’ve developed this program for entrepreneurs who want to gain the clarity and momentum to bring their vision to life, without waiting a moment longer. Join other women in your transformation from hopeful to fearless while discovering the skills to make it rain.

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How do I know if I’ve got what it takes?

  • You’ve dreamed of starting your own business

  • You’ve started your biz . . . but now what?

  • You want to be a success story so much it hurts

  • You’re overwhelmed and need clear direction

  • You’re hungry to take action—like, yesterday!

And most likely, you’re enchanted by the prospect that your earning potential is much, much greater than you're currently experiencing.

How is this going to revolutionize my biz?

For starters, “finding clients” will be a thing of the past.


You’ll confidently navigate the nuts and bolts of fast and effective marketing, and become fluent in quantum manifestation.


No more posting and praying on social media—you’ll know where every action fits in with your sales strategy.


You won’t waste any more breath justifying your career choices to the nay-sayers in your life.


You’ll be building your audience while making sales at the same time. And on your way to manifesting your 6-figure biz, with ease.


And yes, you’ll be working from wherever you want in the world, setting your own schedule, writing your own paychecks, and never referring to anyone as ma’am or sir again.


Breaking through the plateau to hit 6-figures and beyond takes guts and guidance. You’ve got the bold determination. And I’ll teach you the secrets to doing it without struggle or hustle, with time and energy to spare. 


By the way, your first few sales are just training wheels! The structure I teach you is scaleable AF. #MillionaireVibes

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Introducing The $10k Alchemy 


A zero fluff on-demand program

What You Get

The Course

My course combines proven marketing strategies with quantum manifestation principles in a clear, step-by-step path for women to become thriving entrepreneurs. I’ve recorded the whole thing so you can watch during the kids’ naptime, while doing your nails, or over your favorite pint of ice cream. You can even get started today!

Community of Contagious Momentum

Gain ‘round-the-clock coaching, support, and encouragement in our members-only Facebook group. Peer-to-peer coaching will keep you on track to reaching your goals. Ask questions, share memes, and pop in anytime for a motivation boost. You got this.

Bonus: Money mindset course

Let's be real, your money mindset impacts your sales and income because if you have a money story, you have a sales story. Reprogram and shift your money story with this bonus course and watch how it begins to unfold with more sales and revenue than ever before.

"I just closed a client this AM... I think you have an affect on me that's insane!"
                                        -Misha Vayner

(Two weeks into the course and Misha has already made $8K cash)
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The $10K Alchemy Method

Module 1

human design

-Understanding your energy type

-Aligned strategy

Module 2

business structure

-How to start a successful business

-Creating your niche

-Knowing what to charge

-Embody your higher self

-Get rid of imposter syndrome

Module 3


-Organic marketing

-Becoming a client magnet

-Content that sells

-How and where to find clients

-Sacral vs. solar plexus marketing

-Getting people to hire you

Module 4


-Heal Your Money Wounds

-How to make offers

-High ticket sales calls

-Become a sales expert

-Creating sold out offers

-Product based sales

Module 5

spiritual biz routines

-Money manifesting rituals


In case we haven’t met, I’m Yolanda Boyarin.

I go all in to help driven entrepreneurs take their quantum leap to the success they desire. And I don’t just talk the talk . . . I walk it. With over 10 years of experience as a money mindset and business coach, I’ve helped hundreds of soulpreneurs build 6- and 7-figure businesses and turbocharge their sales. 


Plus I go beyond the numbers. As a certified coach, hypnotherapist, and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner, I’m passionate about connecting my clients with the massive success that leads them to achieve complete fulfillment and a life rich in purpose.




"Sooo... OMG I'm at $17,300 CASH as per right now! and it's only the beginning of the month! I love being coached by you. I love your container. I love your energy."
                    -Ilaria Petrucci

Every guru on the internet claims to have a blueprint for success. What makes this different?

Instead of inundating you with buzzwords and never-ending market theory, I’ll show you where the rubber meets the road. 


With the $10K Alchemy you’ll always be 100% clear on your next step as a businesswoman. And our powerhouse community will provide the accountability and fist bumps to make sure you get there


On top of building your real-world sales chops, we’ll do our inner work with quantum manifestation. Not only will you feel like a million dollars, but you’ll see it reflected in your bank account too!


The difference is clear. We are healing your money story and getting to the unconscious blocks that are holding you back from success.


This program is designed for women who are building their enterprise from the ground up. You’ll be welcomed into a supportive group of other visionary, disruptive, female entrepreneurs as you leave your days of living paycheck to paycheck behind. Together we’ll graduate into some real hot girl sh*t like wealth management and passive income. #CashIsMyLoveLanguage

“I just signed my first 3 clients in 2 hours! 1 week after joining your program!”
-Yesenia V.

For Real Tho, You Could Be My Next Success Story.

My coaching clients are consistently blown away at how quickly they’re able to not only hit their goals, but exceed them and start dreaming bigger!


One of my clients made enough money to quit her day job in less than three months. She went on to earn multiple six-figures in her first year of business! 


I’ve helped women have their most successful year ever—amidst the rollercoaster of a global pandemic. 


And even more important than the $25K one of my clients made within her first month of working with me is this:


$10K Alchemy shift their entire paradigms. They take on the mantle of CEO, confidently close high-ticket deals, and take the reins of their destiny.

What Does A Girl Gotta Do To Get In?

This lifetime access mentorship can be all yours for an investment of $1500 . And I know what it’s like to have humble beginnings—if you need a payment plan, I’ve got one for you. Just ask!


Let’s Recap.

When you join the $10K Alchemy movement, you’re giving yourself the best support, inside and out! 


That includes:

  •  Heal your money story and stack cash

  • Understanding your energy type according to Human Design

  •  Moving past imposter syndrome

  •  Charging what you’re worth

  •  Powerful, spiritual business rituals

  •  Getting fully booked (and a waitlist around the block!)


We’ll demystify social media marketing and supercharge your visibility. Instead of crickets, ideal clients will be sliding thumbs-flying into your DMs!


You’ll gain the skills to confidently price and package your services. On top of that, I’ll introduce you to the art of the six-figure sales call.


And you’ll have a crew of hype girls lifting you up every step of the way.

How’s that for a business plan?

You will also get access to half off any of my other programs when you join!

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Financial freedom is closer than you think! Join us in the fast lane today.

The Results Speak For Themselves...

Manifest Your 6-Figure Biz With THE Program For powerful, Abundance-Minded Queens.