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Marketing and sales mastery for soulpreneurs

Learn and master the fundamental basics of business through aligned strategy and marketing.

The result:

Clear direction of exactly what to do in your biz.

"Finding" and converting paying clients.

Creating consistent and reliable income.

"I just closed a client this AM... I think you have an affect on me that's insane!"

                                        -Misha Vayner

(Two weeks into the course and Misha has already made $8K cash)

A fearless soulpreneur is not someone without fear but rather someone that feels and sees the fear and moves through it anyway.

Knowing and trusting that you are always divinely guided and supported and that everything you desire is on the opposite side of your fears.




This is for you if...

  • You are wanting to start or have just started your business.
  • You are struggling to make sales in your business.
  • You don't know where to find clients.
  • You don't have a marketing or sales strategy.
  • You are struggling with money blocks.
  • What you're currently doing isn't working.

What you will learn...

It's time to take the guesswork out of marketing your business and "finding clients". 

You will create and apply a strategic marketing plan that will allow you to make sales now while you continue to build your audience.

Become a sales pro and convert offers from a "non-salesy", yet confident place while remaining in full alignment with your personal energetic signature.

Simplified sales and marketing combined with quantum manifestation, will not only have you hitting your monthly goals but surpassing them by collapsing timelines.

This course is designed to teach you how to build a business from the ground up while actually getting paid to do what you love.


The first $5k in your biz is the hardest to make and I'm helping you achieve that without the struggle and hustle. The structure of how is what you will master in order to go on and make thousands more month after month.

"This is the first time I feel comfortable in a group. I feel a huge energy shift just by being surrounded by your teachings and energy... And... I manifested $550 this morning!"

                    -Ilaria Petrucci


Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Lifetime access to weekly group coaching calls with Yolanda to help you effectively implement what you learn and move past any mind drama preventing you from getting to your next level. You have the opportunity to get coached each week and receive personalized strategy or watch others get coached while you have massive breakthroughs as well.

Daily Support and Coaching

Not only do you get live weekly coaching calls but you also have the opportunity to be coached daily inside of the members only FB group in between calls to ensure you stay on track with your goals!

The Course

You will have instant access to the course whenever you sign up so you can get started manifesting your empire ASAP. The videos contain everything you need to know to become a marketing pro, a sales expert and a quantum manifesting queen, so that you can hit those $5k+ months faster than you ever imagined.

BONUS: Money Mindset Magic

In order to become a sales pro, you must first master your money mindset. For that reason, I've included access to the program that started it all. Money Mindset Magic has helped dozens of women not only manifest money fast but it has also helped them shift their money story to one that actually supports their growth as a CEO.

The Fearless Soulpreneur comes with a one time investment of $2,000 for lifetime access to weekly calls and all materials.

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-Understanding Your Energy Type

-Aligned Strategy


-Stepping into Your Purpose

-Client Foundation

-Packages & Pricing

-Higher Self Thinking

-Moving Past Imposter Syndrome


-Marketing Momentum & Visibility

-Client Magnet 

-Content that Sells

-How to Create Clients

-Sacral vs. Solar Plexus Marketing

-Signature Process


-Your Money Story

-Book Calls Now

-6 Figure Sales Call

-Instant Sales Expert

-Getting Fully Booked


-Money and Client Manifesting Rituals 


-Heal Your Money Blocks and Manifest Mad Money

Ready to quantum leap?

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